• Sunset Pool in Sheraton Salobre


    With average annual temperatures from 18 to 25 degrees centigrade, Gran Canaria has spring temperatures throughput the year, recognized by the international scientific community as one of the best climates in the world due to the damp, fresh winds from the anticyclone of the Azores.

  • Tips


    Some useful tips for your future stay in Salobre Golf Resort. 

  • Flora & Fauna

    At the Salobre Golf Resort not only games play the leading role, but the area has been cared for with all the details so that their integration to the environment might be total.

    In the Resort, you will find a variety of native flora and fauna of the islands, and, in particular, you will enjoy observing bird species which are only found at the Resort.

  • Roque Nublo

    Gran Canaria

    Gran Canaria is a grand small continent, where centuries of history and beautiful natural areas are mixed together. The only requirement is to travel through the 21 villages and towns of the island in order to become submerged in a miniature world. A changing island whose aspect changes on turning a corner in the path.
  • Beach Shuttle

    For your convenience, we have a transport service free of charge to the beach with a stop at the Sheraton Beach Point, where you will find a service of towels, lockers to keep your things, dressing rooms and showers. Request the tickets for the Beach Shuttle at Reception.
  • Transport

    If you wish to reserve your transfer from the airport of Gran Canaria to the Salobre Golf Resort, you can organize this by calling 928 943 000.