Protect your skin

The Canaries are renowned for all-year-round sunshine. As we know, the suns rays can be dangerous for our skin. We would advise that you use adequate sun protection during your stay. If you have further questions our staff at the pool or the lifeguard will help you.

Air Travel

Exercise is recommended during your flight in order to stimulate your circulation. Ensure hand luggage is stored in the overhead compartments hence not restricting your movements. It is also a requirement for security & safety issues. Wear comfortable clothing and bring some drinks and chewy sweets or gum to reduce discomfort in your ears.

Low cost airlines

Several European low cost airlines fly to Gran Canaria. When making your airline booking, please ensure that you familiarize yourself with cabin luggage sizes and luggage weight restrictions. In addition, you may be required to complete API (Advance Passenger Information) on-line in advance of your flight. Please ensure this is completed within the required timeframe.

Your security

Salobre Golf Resort recommends all their guests not to carry all of your documents: cash, credit cards, passports, etc. together. Separate these items as much as possible. Remember to inform your credit card company in advance of your travel arrangements. This will ensure they are aware that transactions will be made abroad. Perhaps you should scan copies of important documents in advance to a secure web mail, so that they can be accessed easily, if required.


Make sure you have brought sufficient quantities of your normal medication to last for the entire trip. In addition, remember to bring your doctor’s instructions with you, in order to avoid being stopped at the airport or border controls. Always carry essential medicines with you e.g. insulin.

Hospital & Clinic

In order to ensure your tranquillity, we are happy to inform you that the Hospital San Roque is located at only 10 kilometres from the Resort. This clinic works 24 hours a day all year round, and the doctors of this prestigious clinic can go to the hotel in the case of necessity or at the request of the client.