Trackman System

Trackman System
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Trackman System

Trackman System

The latest technology, for understanding the variations in the movement of the club and the golf ball while striking, comes from the military world. Trackman shows all the details with the precision of a combat radar.

The Trackman Performance system offers unique services which, until now, were only at the disposal of circuit players.

Determining the suitable material for each player is fundamental in order to improve the scoring on the course.


Trackman Services

  • Driver Fitting 
    We determine the ideal driver for the player. Taking into account the characteristics of the swing measured with Trackman, the driver which is sought minimizes dispersion and increases distance. The choice of a suitable head, shaft and loft is fundamental.
  • Irons Fitting 
    Having a suitable set of irons leads to increased precision and control of distance. With the Irons Fitting session, we analyse the impact of Irons Fitting on the player and his swing in order to determine the ideal irons.
  • Ball Fitting
    Find the suitable ball for your game. This must maximize the distance, provide a suitable trajectory and generate good  sensations with each stroke. Try out a large number of balls and obtain objective data with Trackman
  • Initiation Fitting 
    Precisely those players who are going to begin to play golf are those who can best benefit from fitting. Beginning with unsuitable clubs will damage evolution and could give rise to injuries. The TPL has designed fitting aimed at players who begin playing golf, giving priority to having the measurements of the player taken, above all, the analysis of his posture and the velocity of his swing. If you have not yet developed a consistent swing and you are being initiated into the world of golf, take advantage of this fitting, especially designed for those who are going to buy their first set of clubs.

Club Diagnosis 

Driver and irons. This involves a check in order to determine whether the material the player already has is suitable and in good condition. A check of the specifications of the club (grip, lie, loft, weight of the club swing weight, length of the club and frequency of the shaft in order to measure its rigidity) in the workshop.

Subsequently in the study an analysis is made of the player's characteristics, in order to determine the length of the shaft, the thickness of the grip and the ideal lie angles.

Finally, with the Trackman, an analysis is carried out on the suitability of the shaft and the head of the club, regarding the velocity of the swing and the smash factor (which measures the quality of the impact). A conclusion is reached on whether the player’s club is suitable or not and whether his performance can be improved with a different club.