Gym Fitness

Doing exercise and travelling go hand in hand. That is why Sheraton is associated with Core Performance. We provide you with the tools and the information you need in order to perform at high level regardless of where you travel.

In the Sheraton Fitness gym, you can work on the four basics of the Core Performance Programme:

Attitude: Reflecting and concentrating the mind in order to create a performance attitude.

Nutrition: Adequate eating and drinking in order to maintain high performance levels.

Movement: Optimizing performance through mobility, stability and balance.

Recuperation: Recharging mind and body energy levels in order to perform to the maximum the whole day long.

In addition, if you prefer to do exercises in the comfort and privacy of your own room, you can ask for the “Gym in a Bag” at the reception desk. This contains the tools required to do exercises and  a programme of Core Performance exercises.


Complete facilities for your daily workout