Salobre Golf Resort Gran Canaria

Salobre Golf Resort Gran Canaria can be a great place not only for your well-deserved holiday but for your business meetings and team building, too.

Recreational activities at Salobre Golf Resort.

The first type of services our resort offers are, of course, the recreational ones – hotels and various activities for tourists.

We offer excellent conditions and a fantastic weather for Golf lovers - an old course, a new one, and a fitting club center.

If golf is not your thing, you can choose among other activities because we also have a practice area, a basketball court, a FIFA size football pitch, rental of golf clubs, a golf school, a Pro-shop and a Spa.

Corporate and personal events at Villas Salobre.

Salobre Golf Resort Gran Canaria has a specific place for organizing people’s events as well as the corporate ones – Villas Salobre.

Recently, Salobre Golf Resort Gran Canaria has hosted an international meeting at Villas Salobre. The meeting was related to an essential issue – how to provide better customer service to users in all the fields and areas of interest. The reunion had lots of officials from different fields:

  • Culture and education;
  • Economics;
  • Insurance;
  • Transport;
  • Business;
  • Accountancy;
  • Finances;
  • Administration;
  • Management;
  • Leisure and tourism, and others.

The customer service gathering had representatives from different countries:

1. CroisiEurope River Cruises from France represented leisure and tourism area, and they presented the best strategies and some tricks used by their companies to please a customer.
2. Regarding insurance policies and the best procedures, the gathering had Axa Insurance from Spain.
3. Payday Loans Direct Lenders from the USA has introduced us to a better strategy of how to become financially responsible, types of loans, and how to offer one correctly.
4. Urbanos Company from Portugal has explained one more time the importance of suitable transport for a customer.

International meetings are one of many options Villas Salobre can offer to you, your family, your company or organization.

We are open to families, organizations, companies, and people from all over the world. The usual events we take care of are:

  • Team buildings;
  • Receptions;
  • Business meetings;
  • Partner meetings;
  • Big birthday parties.

By accessing our website, you will see the beauty of Gran Canaria yourself and be sure that this place is worth hosting your event. Do not hesitate to have memorable wedding or birthday party with us in Spain. We guarantee you a great atmosphere, fantastic weather, right conditions and of course excellent staff.